The Facial Reconstruction of Simon Sudbury

Note to viewer:

This website is a sample of the final website. 

The website aims to teach children between the ages of 9-13 the process of Facial Reconstruction with reference to the reconstruction of Simon Sudbury.  The method that I used for the reconstruction was the Manchester Method of Facial Reconstruction, which involves building up the underlying facial muscles before applying a layer that represents the skin.  As a result I felt it necessary to firstly include a section describing the basic anatomy of the skull and a section describing the anatomy of the muscle layer as they each apply to the reconstruction.  The reconstruction process is then described starting with the inital skull assessment to determine the age, sex and ancestry of the skull, followed by a section describing how the facial detail is predicted.  Lastly, the clay reconstruction is described step-by-step showing how each muscle is sculpted before adding the final skin layer.

In the final website there will be a section about Simon himself, and a section describing the Peasant's Revolt of 1381, where Archbishop Simon of Sudbury met his unfortunate fate.  For a short history of Simon please see the poster to your left entitled 'Simon of Sudbury: Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor of England, 1375-81'.

Thank You