The Facial Reconstruction of Simon Sudbury


Anterior - the front.  Opposite of posterior.
Articulate - to unite by a joint.
Bilateral - having two sides.
Facial Anthropometry - measurements of the face.  Common facial anthropological points are used when determining the placement of tissue depth markers.
Fascia - sheets of strong connective tissue found around muscle bundles.
Fissure - a long and narrow opening.
Frankfurt Horizontal Plane - a horizontal line that passes through the lower border of the orbit and the external auditory meatus on both sides of the skull.

Inferior - lower.  Opposite of superior.
Lateral - to the side. Opposite of medial.
Medial - towards the middle.  Opposite of lateral.
Modiolus - the point near the corner of the lip where a number of the facial muscles come together.
Oblique line of the mandible - a faint ridge on the body of the mandible.
Perpendicular - where two lines (or planes) meet each other at a right-angle to form a T-shape.
Posterior - the back.  Opposite of anterior.
Quadrilateral - a shape that has four sides.
Superior - upper.  Opposite of inferior.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) - the only moving joint of the skull.
The temporomandibular joint.
Tissue Depth Data - the distance between the surface of the skin and the skull at certain facial anthropological points.